radius of circumsphere of a regular tetrahedron

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Mathematics


Suppose that a regular tetrahedron with edge length of s is inscribed in a sphere, then find the radius of the sphere.


To start with, let’s draw a cube with a tetrahedron inside it as shown in the diagram.

Screenshot - 02162016 - 04:13:34 AM

This setup will simplify our work to find the radius because the cube ABCDEFGH is also inscribed in the sphere. And obviously the green line segment AH is the diameter of the sphere. Finding AH is extremely easy.



AH = \sqrt{3\cdot AF^2} = \sqrt{\dfrac{3s^2}{2}} = \dfrac{\sqrt6 s}{2}

\therefore \text{radius} = \dfrac{1}{2}AH = \dfrac{\sqrt6 s}{4}


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