2187 in Star Wars

Posted: April 15, 2017 in Mathematics

Last night the Pearl was playing the Star Wars movie episode 4. When Princess Leia was captured in the Death Star, she was held in the cell number 2187. Cell “2187” sounds very familiar. The black dude who is casting as Finn in the Force Awaken also has the code name “FN-2187”. I don’t know if the number 2187 has any special meaning to the Star Wars story or the screenwriter, but 2187 reminds me of tutoring full time 10 years ago on topic like Geometric Sequence because 3^7=2187.


There are also some interesting facts about the number 2187. If you write the number in backward, you get 7812. When you add the two numbers, you get 9999. When you split the number 2187 into two 2-digit numbers 21 and 87 and then multiple them, you get 1827. And also notice that 2187 = 3^7 = 3^3 \cdot 3^4 = 27 \cdot 81.



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